📢 We're Under New Management!


We are very excited to announce that Roc-Bloc will be joining the Flashpoint Group!

What is the Flashpoint Group?

It’s a group of climbing walls including Redpoint Bristol, Flashpoint Bristol, Flashpoint Swindon, Flashpoint Swansea and now Roc Bloc — or what will soon become Flashpoint Cardiff!

Will memberships work across all sites?

We’re working on it – but yes! It will take some time for us to merge our IT systems and have access to customer data at any location, but we commit to launch this for 1st February.

What is a multi-site membership?

At Flashpoint Swindon and Swansea we sell both a local-only membership or a slightly more expensive full membership. Redpoint & Flashpoint Bristol only sell a full membership, and Roc-Bloc’s price is already the same as this. If you have a full membership, you’ll be able to access any of our sites.

What about punch cards?

As of Feb 1st you should be able to use your punch cards across any of the sites. As explained in the memberships section above, this takes a little time to align our IT systems.

So you’ll be changing the branding? 

Not straight away, but yes. The plan is to become Flashpoint Cardiff over the next few months.  You’ll start to notice some Flashpoint branding slowly integrating into the centre.

Anything else changing?

For now not much. If you have booked a session, it’s still happening, if you have a membership or a punch card it will still work. We’ll still have the same lovely team on the desk, serving you great coffee, bringing you tasty pizza and setting you classic blocs.

– The Flashpoint Team