2 weeks FREE membership with
ANY Intro to Roc-Bloc session


Adult Bouldering only

You don’t need experience to come bouldering, just watch our safety video, sign the Boulder Only registration form and speak to a member of staff who will need to check you understand the essential safety precautions on your first visit. If you would like some tuition or a free membership to get you started please book an Intro to Roc-Bloc session.

Adult Auto belay & Bouldering

You need experience to use the auto belays, either from past training or by booking an auto belay induction. If you know how to correctly fit and attach a harness please click register. If you need instruction please book an Intro or auto belay induction.

Supervised under 16

You must be 18+ and have experience to be able to supervise children at Roc-Bloc. This can be obtained through personal experience and a test, or through an Intro to Roc-Bloc session. Experienced adults can supervise up to 2 children at a time for the activity they are signed off for, and must complete the supervised registration form for each child.





Who are the intro sessions for?

If you’re new to climbing, want to learn how to use the auto belays or to supervise children. These 1.5 hour introductory sessions are the perfect way to kick start (or re-start) your climbing journey, so you can make the most of our Roc-Bloc facilities. Available as Adult Group, Family or Private sessions.

What will it cover?

As well as a standard safety induction, these intro sessions show you everything on offer in the Roc-Bloc climbing centre. They allow you to gain the experience required to use the auto belays independently and to supervise children safely.

AUTO BELAY Induction is for….

This induction is designed for those who already have lots of experience climbing and are only interested in learning to use the auto belays safely.

It will cover…..
These 45 min sessions include harness fitting, checking and clipping in, as well as good and bad practice using the auto belays.

Kids Classes

If you don’t feel that climbing is for you and would rather book your child on to our kids academy sessions please use this link.