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Our kids academy follows the national NIBAS & wild climbers award schemes.

Wild climbers

Climbers aged 4 to 6

Wild climbers

Wild climbers is a scheme for kids aged 4 to 6 years old and can take up to 2 years to complete. Once they turn 7 they will be able to move on to the award scheme, NIBAS which we run through our kids academy. The first 6 week course includes the handbook, and stickers, but if lost must be replaced at a cost.
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Kids Academy

NIBAS award scheme

Kids Academy

Our youth academy is for kids aged 7 to15 years old and follows the NIBAS national award scheme, from foundation (level 1) to performance (level 5). The 6 week long courses include the Logbook which must be replaced if lost and brought to every session.
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Competition squad


Competition squad

The competition squad athletes are selected at specific events and it’s sole purpose is to develop and train a psyched team of athletes for competition climbing and for climbing outside. If you or your child is interested please email
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