ROC-BLOC Cardiff

The first dedicated bouldering gym in Cardiff, Wales

UV Comp and Party on Sat 4th December

ROC-BLOC | Party


LAST CHANCE to get your kids and teenagers booked on to our kids academy sessions for this half of the term!

If your child has done a family intro or a taster session and has really taken to climbing…

These are the perfect sessions to explore the sport further and learn the fundamentals!

First visit, but been climbing before?

What you need to know........

Pre-register and occupancy counter

Roc-Bloc won't be operating a booking system, but our website has a capacity counter and we'd encourage you to check how busy the centre is before you travel and to try and plan your visit for our quieter times. All new climbers need to complete our 'acknowledgement of risk' form and to watch our safety video before you can climb.
Occupancy counter

Why come bouldering?

The bottom line? We make exercise fun.

Come bouldering

Everyone knows that keeping in shape is good for general well-being, but it doesn't have to be boring.  With our bouldering wall we offer you an alternative. An exercise routine that doesn’t feel like exercise. A full body workout that caters for all abilities and that can be as easy or as hard as you choose to make it. An environment that allows you to work out in the same space as your kids, your friends, parents and even your grandparents.
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We are open! The best bouldering wall in Cardiff, Wales